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My interest in human-centered design stems from my passion for design and new media. Next to that I have a special interest in what motivates people; what their needs and desires are and how we can make their lives easier.

At the moment I work as a head of department at a university of applied sciences. It is my goal to make the service we offer (education) better suitable for the students. How can we make it easier for students to choose the right study, how can we offer a study that fits their wishes and needs and how can we prepare them to be a professional. Of course always taking into account the organization’s strategy and policy guidelines.

As being a designer I love to look further then the obvious. With the use of design thinking methods I am able to come up with new and creative ideas and convert them into strategic concepts. I also facilitate workshops to activate teams to experiment and come up with creative solution.

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I like to address a problem or trend, interpret data, examine the options and conceptualize ideas based on that information. 


I love to see the world through other people’s eyes and create an experience or service that fits their needs.


Being a designer enables me to come up with new and creative ideas and convert them into concepts with the use of Design Thinking methodes.


A master’s degree in education and experience as lecturer, curriculum developer and manager at multiple universities of applied sciences. 

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“I got to know Stephanie as communicative, practical and eager to learn. (…) She has taken her responsibility as team leader very serious and always combined that task with teaching. She has managed to acquire al lot of support from the students and her fellow teachers. (…) Also her colleagues at the locations The Hague and Diemen highly valued her way of working. (…) I can absolutely recommend Stephanie as an employee with expertise, sense of duty and ability to learn.”
P. Franssen | Manager Education & Research | Inholland University of Applied Sciences | 11-2015


“If I would describe Stephanie in a few keywords it would be: energetic, organized, human centered and a hard worker who only stops when things are arranged. (…) Amazing in all aspects. Good knowledge with strong management capabilities.”  
R. Boonstra | Lecturer and Author | Inholland University of Applied Sciences | 09-2015


“Stephanie has conducted her job as a team leader at our university in a very personal and pleasant way. She managed to do this by keeping close to herself and above all being open and honest in all circumstances. This created, virtually from the beginning on, a very good cooperation and communication between the team members and her as the captain.“ 
F. Wetters | Lecturer | Inholland University of Applied Sciences | 08-2015


“Stephanie is a resourceful, creative, and serious person who was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to her tasks. She’s got an amazing knowledge of all computer programs which makes her very fast in her job. She’s got a great eye for detail and she can translate moods and design directions easily to commercial but surprising artworks. She is highly respected by colleagues and shows dedication and commitment to the organisation and her team.”
S. Baars | Design manager | USG Brands | 04-2014